Do you have an "innovention" ?

Do you have a new invention, a great innovation, or simply a fantastic product that you want the world to know about? We call that an "innovention"!
Are you having trouble because you can't afford to go big on your own and yet you don't want to sell out or be dictated to by the big guys? We call that unfair! You've probably heard of "buying groups", those consortiums of independents who band together to obtain greater exposure and better pricing when purchasing goods for their businesses. Well, here at we're doing kind of the same thing, but in reverse -- we are forming a "selling group" of independents. This in itself may not be a new idea, but our difference is in the criteria for membership. We are limiting this consortium to only the most innovative of inventions and products (innoventions), and building it in a way that allows you to remain completely independent.
Right now, we are building our online store that you can use to sell your innovention, and we are building interest world-wide. You can concentrate on what you do best - building innoventions, and let us deal with making it available to the marketplace.
Your innovention will be featured among some of the most innovative products available, in a place where people will come to first, looking for solutions to their unique needs.
Contact us now and be one of the first to have your product featured here on our new website. We will be providing world-wide exposure coupled with an inexpensive means of marketing and online sales for your innovations. While the site is being designed and developed, we are taking applications from people just like you, who wish to represent themselves while enjoying the benefits of belonging to a large group of self-employed innovators.
Send us a description of your product (or service) and what stage of development you're at, along with your retail and wholesale pricing structure and any other pertinent details you wish to include.
Take the first step and be one of the first to join our team -- contact us now by email!
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